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New Construction - An Overview

One-Stop-Shopping for your New Home!


Custom homes of any style, from:

  • Large, highly detailed estate-size with state of the art heating and mechanical systems,
  • Small-cost and energy efficient designs,
  • Single level modern open designed bungalows with safe easy eagress and accessability features, to
  • Duplex and townhouse projects.

The Process

To begin a project estimate, we need to know our clients' needs for the new home. We have to get a vision of the project in terms of budget, size, style and features. With a bit of information I can come up with a rough estimate to establish a general budget cost.

Once we have that approved we can move toward actually draft the blueprints for the home. With a full set of drawings I can then give you a firm quote for the job. It will outline all of the materials, labour and general scope of work for the project. I will present it in writing for your review. If that is accepted we move on on to a contract and scheduling the construction.

We can make any changes required to get the price within your budget. It usually takes about two weeks to get a quote done from the time the plans are ready.

A Morash-built home is built to last.
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